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英文:小小留学生童眼看美国 - 鳳凰華人資訊網


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初到美国密苏里大学附近的LEE小学就读五年级,陈韵正对眼前的一切感到新奇不已。学校没有气派的校门,也没有围墙,只见一座两层的红砖建筑物上刻着“Lee Elementary School”。古老的石头拱门上标明的“1904”表明这是一所百年老校。在这所有着悠久历史的学校里,陈韵正开始了她第一天的留学生活。

By Yunzheng Chen

It was a very different school from those in China. You're not met by imposing doors and concrete walls, and the buildings were inviting. On the front of the main building was inscribed “Lee Elementary School, 1904.” Wow! I knew it was an old school. Surrounding the main building were five trailers. One of them was my classroom, 5T. The “T” stood for Mrs. Toalson, my 5th grade teacher.

Mrs. Toalson showed me to my seat. A girl sitting at my table greeted me. Her name was Regina, and she was a blonde girl from Ukraine. Her eyes were like diamonds, and we had met at a party two days before.

During my first morning, we had math class, PE and science. We didn’t even have a break! I wondered why? Mrs. Toalson said to us: “Guys, line up for the bathroom break please!” All the kids stood up and went outside.

I didn’t know what “bathroom break” meant. Was it break time? Lunch time? I was confused. Nevertheless, we followed Mrs. Toalson to the main building. We sat in the hallway across from the bathroom. In Chinese, “bathroom” means the WC, and a “break” means having a rest! Gosh, I thought that was weird and why did we have to go to the bathroom together?

“Mary and Regina, you may go.” When we heard Mrs. Toalson, we went into the bathroom. The bathroom was clean, and it smelled like perfume. I asked Regina what if someone wanted to go to the bathroom during class time. She told me that there was a special pass called a “bathroom pass.” All you had to do was raise your hand with the pass to let Mrs. Toalson know you need to go to the bathroom. Then you would be permitted to go.

At 3:30pm, school ended for the day. Students put their textbooks in their cabinets and lined up in front of the change room, where they collected their backpacks and coats. As they walked out of the door, each student said “Good bye” and gave Mrs. Toalson a high five.

“Did you have a good day today?” Mrs. Toalson asked me as she hugged me goodbye.

“Sure!” I nodded.

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